University of Tsukuba Graduation Ceremony 2022 was held



The 2022 graduation ceremony was held on March 24.

Three fourth-year students graduated from our laboratory.

They were presented with a bound copy of their graduation theses by our laboratory professors.


Yuta Igarashi


Tomoka Sagawa


Tatsukichi Nagayama


After being presented their graduation theses, they presented their thoughts and career paths.


In addition, the graduates presented a toaster oven to the laboratory. This will allow us to conduct our research activities more comfortably!


The three graduates are very close, and I can remember the three of them eating dinner together in the laboratory several times.

The three of them helped each other even during the tough final stage of their theses, and they completed them wonderfully.

They were also highly motivated in their research and we are looking forward to their future activities.

We hope that they will cherish this relationship and continue to do their best in their new locations!


Congratulations on your graduation!