What enables us to continue high-intensity exercise for long duration?

We can exercise at high intensity for prolonged periods such as marathon race. To do so, our cardiorespiratory responses and body temperatures should be properly regulated. We have conducted basic research to elucidate the regulatory mechanisms. These studies would help to establish strategies for safe exercise and sports

Adaptations to exercise training or environmental stresses

As you can see from the athlete’s body, our body is highly adaptable in response to repeated stress. Also, our body adapts to repeated heat or hypoxic stress. We have studied mechanisms underpinning these human adaptations. These research would be important to develop effective training methods and preventing heat stroke or mountain sickness.

Exercise physiology-based strategies for exercise performance and health

Athletes are required to demonstrate high performance under any conditions. Also, maintaining and promoting health is essential for a fulfilling life. We have studied better nutritional and recovery strategies and assessment methods for exercise performance and health.