Dr. Toby Mündel came to our laboratory!!


Dr. Toby Mündel from Massey University in New Zealand visited Tsukuba from November 1st to 4th.
We would like to share some of the highlights of his visit.

Upon his arrival in Tsukuba, the graduate students and pos-doc researchers introduced their research topics.

The presentations and the discussion were conducted in English. We can see that Ishii (M1) desperately tried to squeeze out some English during his presentation.


Dr. Toby asked some questions and provided a valuable feedback. It was a meaningful time for us.


The undergraduate students introduced themselves in English. Each member’s idiosyncrasy was briefly presented. (Nagayama, a 4th year student, is in this picture)


On the second day, Dr. Toby gave a seminar titled “Do estrogen and progesterone influence thermoregulation?”.


Afterwards, on the third day, we climbed Mt. Tsukuba.

First, we had lunch at Chikuzen, a buckwheat noodle restaurant situated in the mountain. It was extremely delicious.

Finally, we started our hiking

Dr. Toby and Amanda (M2, Judo Coaching Lab) were so used to hiking that they climbed up the mountain so fast that the other members could not keep up with them.


Other members arrived at the top one after another. (Photo: Ryoko, D3).

From the top of Mt. Nyotai, we had the best view.

It was a very meaningful time for us, as we were able to do things that we usually do not experience in our daily lives, such as interacting with a professor from overseas and climbing Mount Tsukuba.

Thank you very much, Dr. Toby!